Yahoo Messenger Address Book Server Error 40402

Hey, if you been looking for the answer why you encounter an error when try to make a change in your address book content (such as delete a contact name or remove one of your friend list or you add a new friend)  and seem you got a message error like this:

Error: The last address book operation did not succeed due to a server error (-40402)

You have to know that it because yahoo has working in to integrate the address book in Yahoo Mail and in the Yahoo Messenger.

All you have to do just wait until they finished the integrating system.

Solution for Address Book Server Error 40402

If you insisted to change (add or remove) you address book / contact list, you can try to make a change through Yahoo Mail Address Book site. Just click the link below this article and try to make any change of you address from there. This could be handle and resolve your Server Address Book Problem. Remember You may need to login to Yahoo first.

Yahoo Mail Address Book Site


  1. ricardo_roby28 says

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  2. ricardo_roby28 says

    vreau sa solutionez titlul adresei de messeinger,in loc de sa se afiseze asa cum era ricardo_roby28

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