Yahoo Messenger Emoticons and Hidden Emoticons Smileys

Update: No more Hidden Emoticons in Yahoo Messenger. Try to use the Yahoo Messenger 11.5, all the emoticons already listed, with some of additional new Yahoo Messenger emoticons, game, watch tv, fighting, exercise, studying, puke, and more.

We knew that Emoticons are emotion icons that can be used in Instant Message, conferences or even in Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger. We also understand with those emoticons we can make our conversation more joyful and more party than without Emoticons. Yahoo Messenger Emoticons or Yahoo Messenger Smileys represent our emotion, mood, feeling and many more. If we angry or laugh, we do not need to express using text but only by click or type the shortcut of the proper emoticon that represent the angry. Here the list of Emoticons that we got at Official Yahoo Messenger Web Site. These are the Emoticons also can be found at the Yahoo Messenger list Icons on the Chat Windows. These list not include Yahoo Messenger Hidden Emoticons. We give you Hidden Emoticons at the bottom of this article.

Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons
Emoticon Shortcut Key Description
happy :) happy
sad :( sad
winking ;) winking
big grin :D big grin
batting eyelashes ;;) batting eyelashes
big hug >:D< big hug
confused :-/ confused
love struck :x love struck
blushing :"> blushing
tongue :P tongue
kiss :-* kiss
broken heart =(( broken heart
surprise :-O surprise
angry X( angry
smug :> smug
cool B-) cool
worried :-S worried
whew! #:-S whew!
devil >:) devil
crying :(( crying
laughing :)) laughing
straight face :| straight face
raised eyebrows /:) raised eyebrows
rolling on the floor =)) rolling on the floor
angel O:-) angel
nerd :-B nerd
talk to the hand =; talk to the hand
call me :-c call me
on the phone :)] on the phone
at wits' end ~X( at wits’ end
wave :-h wave
time out :-t time out
day dreaming 8-> day dreaming
sleepy I-) sleepy
rolling eyes 8-| rolling eyes
loser L-) loser
sick :-& sick
don't tell anyone :-$ don’t tell anyone
no talking [-( no talking
clown :O) clown
silly 8-} silly
party <:-P party
yawn (:| yawn
drooling =P~ drooling
thinking :-? thinking
d'oh #-o d’oh
applause =D> applause
nail biting :-SS nail biting
hypnotized @-) hypnotized
liar :^o liar
waiting :-w waiting
sigh :-< sigh
phbbbbt >:P phbbbbt
cowboy <):) cowboy
I don't want to see X_X I don’t want to see
hurry up! :!! hurry up!
rock on! \m/ rock on!
thumbs down :-q thumbs down
thumbs up :-bd thumbs up
it wasn't me ^#(^ it wasn’t me
pirate* :ar! pirate*

Those are all of Yahoo Messenger Emoticons that available in the Windows Chat Room, IM and Conference. Some of the Emoticons are hidden in, that why you can not see the Hidden at the list above.

For Hidden Yahoo Messenger Emoticons,  you can see  the smiley character  list below:

Yahoo! Messenger Hidden Emoticons
Emoticon Shortcut Key Description
puppy dog eyes :o3 puppy dog eyes
I don't know :-?? I don’t know
not listening %-( not listening
pig :@) pig
cow 3:-O cow
monkey :(|) monkey
chicken ~:> chicken
rose @};- rose
good luck %%- good luck
flag **== flag
pumpkin (~~) pumpkin
coffee ~O) coffee
idea *-:) idea
skull 8-X skull
bug =:) bug
alien >-) alien
frustrated :-L frustrated
praying [-O< praying
money eyes $-) money eyes
whistling :-" whistling
feeling beat up b-( feeling beat up
peace sign :)>- peace sign
shame on you [-X shame on you
dancing \:D/ dancing
bring it on >:/ bring it on
hee hee ;)) hee hee
chatterbox :-@ chatterbox
not worthy ^:)^ not worthy
oh go on :-j oh go on
star (*) star
hiro o-> hiro
billy o=> billy
april o-+ april
yin yang (%) yin yang
bee :bz bee
transformer* [..] transformer*

*Only available when we used Yahoo Messenger Web Chat Client

That are all of Yahoo Messenger Emoticons. Its include Hidden Emoticons. Some of the emoticons may be can’t be shown at Lower Version of Yahoo Messenger. Such as bee Emoticons only be shown at Yahoo Messenger Version 9. Transformer only shown at Yahoo Messenger Chat Client on the Web.

Yahoo Messenger Art Sender / Symbols Sender

If you did not satisfied by using Emoticons of YM that available above (both hidden and shown up) you can try the others Emoticons / Picture that created by combining ASCII art and then send it via PM / IM / Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger. The example of its shown below:

If you like the image of people that been drawn by using ASCII symbols above, just visit our Page discussed about that at here. By using that Yahoo Tool helper symbol art generator, you can make picture / image / emoticons like Food, Animal like rabbit or monkey, Greeting, Military Stuf like Gun / Pistol, Love in many form expression and much more. Enjoy!

ps: Yahoo! and the Yahoo! Messenger logo and Emoticons are registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc