Yahoo Profile to Yahoo Pulse

Yahoo Pulse from Yahoo Profile

We got a pretty interesting comments about how Yahoo Change our old Yahoo Profile to the newest Yahoo Profile features: Yahoo Pulse.

Yahoo! Profiles were deleted entirely, which left us only able to change our nicknames via Taiwan, but since they changed the service to Yahoo! Pulse, all nicknames have been permanently deleted. Even old ID’s will display as just an ID.

It’s disappointing since a lot of people, easily within the thousands, preferred to use nicknames or “tags” to identify themselves, but Yahoo apparently decided that amidst removing everything else that the user community liked, they’d go ahead and put the icing on the cake and remove the last thing that made Yahoo Chat worthwhile. I expect Yahoo! Chat to eventually be abandoned in favor of older but still more reliable services like IRC, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and the like.

Yes, due to the changed of the Yahoo Profile to Yahoo Pulse, right now we weren’t able to use nickname on Yahoo Messenger Chat Room and this make some of chat room users lover begin to step out from Yahoo and get to another Chat Communities Service (Facebook Group Chat for example).

About Yahoo Pulse

You can access Yahoo Pulse via your web browser after you login to your yahoo account at Iside Yahoo Pulse you’ll see any of your status update that you had made in the past. It almost look likes Facebook or twitter; you can make a comment or liking it (like it) the status of your Pulse. Personally, we just take a glance about Yahoo Pulse, so if you want deep understanding, why don’t you try it by yourself.

About Nickname

I don’t know why yahoo removed / deleted our nickname, but we are very very disappointed about this. Hope Yahoo would getting back our nickname :(.