YMessengerBlog.Com – Database Error (Error establishing a database connection)

Where you supposed to go in the case you wanna know the latest update or any change update regarding with Yahoo Messenger? In our point a view, the fastest ways (according to our experiences), is by visiting the Yahoo Messenger Blog that available in ymessengerblog.com (url address).

YMessengerBlog.Com Database establishing a database connection

Today, we wanna know the latest update of Yahoo Messenger 11: is there any update to the Beta version of YM 11 or not, or is there any maintenance announce from Yahoo Messenger or not, or even you wanna know the old article available in YMessengerBlog.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is an error appears in YMessengerBlog. It been said that the Database Error with information like this: Error establishing a database connection. This make us can’t access YMessengerBlog and can’t read anything.

We knew that www.ymessengerblog.com is use WordPress Engine, and either this MessengeRoo blog had. And those kind of error / problem usually because the configuration (config.php) file did not adujsted well and cannot read the Database file (in this case SQL Database). It might due to failed upgrade, file missing, or transfer file that did not complete, or anything that lead to this trouble.

We hope this error would be fix enough by Yahoo Messenger teams. Just wait and see