Y!Tunnel Pro now available in Free Version

Actually, we been informed by Chet Simpson (seem to be the developer of Y!Tunnel Pro), that on July 13, YTunnel Pro had a free version that ready to be used for anyone in non commercial usage. We had already mentioned before that we do not share about YTunnel due to this “extension advanced Yahoo Messenger Client” is not available for free, but right now, the owners seems to changed their mind.

YTunnel Pro Free Version

Just wanted to give you a heads up, a new major release of Y!TunnelPro is
now available and it is now free. The new version 2.6 is currently in beta
(V2.5 is our current stable release) and provides support for Messenger 11.
A new version containing some critical improvements will be made available
this weekend.

Chet Simpson

Why we do not write this article on the day we got news that Y Tunnel was free? It because we need to re-assured that this “free version” of Y!Tunnel is not “merely” a short period promotion (a kind of advertisement).

About Y! Tunnel Pro

Without no doubt, Y!Tunnel Pro is one of Yahoo Chat Client expansion pack that would give you an easy to handle the “official Yahoo Messenger Client” but in “advanced and more secure” features. You can make a lot of “adjustment” with YTunnel in comparison to the “official one”. Chat list, Boot Protection, Ignore list, Chat customization and enhancement, Spam filter, Privacy protection, and more. Furthermore, because this client is actually “embedded” with Yahoo Messenger, you don’t need to learn from “the beginning” on how to use it.

Download Y!Tunnel Pro Free

You can download YTunnel Pro free (non commercial use) at here (current version Y!TunnelPro version 2.6). If you satisfied on using YTunnel, to make YTunnel Pro maintenance well and continuation on its development, we strongly recommend to do “donation” for this client (Paypal supported). Enjoy!

How to Install Y Tunnel?

You need to download the Official Client of Yahoo Messenger (at this time YTunnel Pro supports Yahoo Messenger 11), then you can install YTunnel just like an “extension” or “add-ons” for YM 11.